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What is Successful Parenting?

What is successful parenting? How do you measure the success of your parenting style? 

According to my research on google and my findings from a number of articles and writings, successful parenting is when the parent is able to not only discourage unhealthy habits but able to encourage positive habits. That parents consistently model the positive behavior for the children and speaks lofty expectations for them. It also means that successful parents expect a lot from their children and yet expect even more from themselves. 

Is this even realistically possible? 

It sounds very stressful for me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

We have to accept that as parents we are also human beings. We have our flaws, our imperfections. As much as we want the best out of our children and we will try our best in bringing them up we must know what works best for us and our children. 

Remember, in order to perform well in our responsibilities we have to take good care of ourselves first. Stressing ourselves out will only be detrimental. 

What do you think? There’s no right or wrong here, rather what works best for your family and whether we are successful or not, I feel it’s for us to decide what are our KPIs where parenting our children is concerned and please don’t be too hard on yourselves, parents. 

“if you see success as an end point then you will forget to celebrate success at different milestones.”
-Esfan Rizal Rahwom 10/5/2021

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