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How Do I Cope With HBL and WFH During the Circuit Breaker/Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) Period?

Honestly I can’t be more thankful that I decided to take a different career path these last couple of years because I cannot imagine having two teachers at home and all 5 kids having HBL. Last year’s timing was just right cos I was working on my biggest book project ever and it ended just before the circuit breaker so I could handle the 4 year old then while the rest had lessons. Last year all 4 had HBL while husband was working from home. 

Truth be told, it wasn’t an easy time. 4 having HBL with two in Primary school meant that the ones in primary school needs hand holding and husband was not only not available, but it was a very stressful period for him with all the changes and communication that needs to be done real time. On top of that I had one sitting for PSLE and one sitting for O levels that year. However, we survived somehow because as mentioned, I was fully with the kids; entertaining the 4 year old and was an information counter/teacher/cook/entertainer as well to all. 😆😅

This year, even though I’m working on my own business and working from home during this phase 2 period, the demographics of the family has also changed. Eldest is still attending physical classes so he’s out of the house. HBL is more manageable with teachers planning mixed lessons i.e. both online and offline and there are breaks between lessons to help kids manage better. Since number 2 is still off school, she’s available to help me engage the pre schooler. 

Stock up on off screen activities 

Learning from experience, I stocked up on drawing paper and paint and bought another card game to engage the younger ones in between screen time. Friends also shared links to websites to engage kids in educational online activities. (Check out https://www.facebook.com/coachayuasi/

Manage your time around the kids’ schedule 

Another thing I noticed is that the most stressful part is more during the period when kids have to attend online lessons because of the technical help they may need. When it comes to offline work, we need to help them plan properly too so that they can complete them on time. This is where I feel that we can also plan our work around their time, meaning if our work is not time sensitive, we can consider working in the afternoon or night when the kids have completed their lessons/homework. 

Good thing also is that the childcare centers are still open to cater to parents who have to work. 

Whatever it is,  we need to be calm first before we can manage any situation. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. 

Be calm
Be in control
Execute accordingly
Adapt quickly 

We can do this! 💪🏻

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