“Enabling Parents the Power to Connect”

Hi! I am Ayu. The key to connecting with your child is in communication. When you can communicate well with your child, parenting and even discipline becomes smooth sailing, no matter their age. I help parents understand the challenges each child faces at different developmental phases they are in and apply the different communication skills accordingly. An understanding parent is an empathetic parent who can help the child develop well socially, emotionally, and intellectually.

Co-founder of Ibu Sepanjang Hayat
Facilitator with SafeSpace @Sgfamilies
Prisons Volunteer

As featured on :

  • MHFFS’s panel on “Embracing Support Systems: The Significance of Family in Promoting Mental Wellness in Children”
  • CNA’s series, “When We Age – Your Best Self”
  • CNA Insider “My child has depression, and I’m thankful for COVID-19: The mental health story for every parent.”

“How do I talk to my child?”
“How do I make them listen to me?”

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? Feeling lost? You are not alone!

Parenting can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance and support, you can build a harmonious and loving relationship with your child. Coach Ayu Asi is here to help you navigate the difficult phases of parenting.

Ready to transform your family dynamics? Take the first step towards nurturing healthy relationships today. By investing in your communication skills and parenting strategies, you are investing in the future of your family.

Coach Ayu recognizes that every family is different, and tailors her coaching to address your specific needs and goals. With Coach Ayu Asi, you’ll gain practical skills and strategies to enhance your relationship with your child and create a harmonious home environment.

Meet Coach Ayu Asi

Ayu Asi is an ICF (International Coaching Federation) Professional Certified Coach.

She is a former MOE teacher and full-time tutor with 20 years of experience working with adolescents.

Throughout her years as a tutor and a teacher, she’s worked with at-risk kids including those with special needs like those who are hearing-impaired, dyslexic and those who are in the Autism Spectrum Disorder .

Ayu Asi is a mother of 5 of whom 4 of them are teenagers. She is also a caregiver of a teenager with social anxiety disorder. Her caregiving journey led her to be one of the facilitators of a support group called Safe Space started by SG families facilitating other parents’ journey with children and youths who may be experiencing anxiety, depression, isolation, self harm, suicide ideation and attempts.

Her current mission as a Parenting Coach is to enable parents the power to connect with their children no matter their age, personalities and specific needs.

As the co-founder of Ibu Sepanjang Hayat, she facilitates in conducting workshops for mothers to be influential individuals who can empower their families.

Guiding You Through the Parenting Maze

With Coach Ayu, her services are meticulously crafted to offer parents the essential tools, insights, and support needed to navigate the intricate maze of parenting. She understands that every family is unique, and her services are designed to cater to your specific needs, ensuring a tailored approach that resonates with your parenting journey.

Personalized Parenting Coaching

The personalized coaching sessions are the cornerstone of coach Ayu Asi's, services which offers one-on-one guidance tailored to your family's dynamics. 

Personalized Parenting Coaching

Through these sessions, you'll delve deep into your concerns, receive personalized strategies, and gain actionable insights. Ayu Asi's expertise will empower you to build effective communication, manage conflicts, and create a nurturing environment at home.

Small Group Parenting Coaching

Connect with a supportive community of parents facing similar challenges in our small group coaching sessions.

Small Group Parenting Coaching

(3-5 Participants)

Led by Ayu Asi, these intimate gatherings foster shared learning, mutual support, and collective growth. Engage in discussions, share experiences, and receive guidance not just from Ayu Asi but from the collective wisdom of the group.

Parenting Talks/Workshops

Participate in our enlightening talks and workshops, where Ayu Asi delves into crucial parenting topics. These interactive sessions offer practical tips, research-backed insights, and hands-on techniques. 

Parenting Talks/Workshops

Whether it's managing screen time, understanding the five love languages, or helping your child cope with stress, our workshops provide valuable tools that you can implement immediately.

Embark on Your Parenting Transformation

Coach Ayu Asi’s services are not just sessions; they are transformative experiences tailored to empower you as a parent. Whether you choose personalized coaching, group sessions, or workshops, you’re investing in the harmonious future of your family. Let Coach Ayu be your guide, supporting you every step of the way as you navigate the joys and challenges of parenting adolescents.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Schedule a session today and unlock the potential for a harmonious, loving relationship with your child


Stories of Transformation and Empowerment

I had a great session with Coach Ayu today. As a first time parent of a PSLE student, I am not sure how to coach or guide my daughter in doing her revision at home. After having this session with her, I have learned a lot of things from her. She gives tips and advice on how I should help her and also help myself too. We share each other's experiences with our kids. It really helps a lot. She makes me realize in parenting there is no right and wrong. It's how we handle the situation and how we treat our kids. Thank you very much Coach Ayu.

Munah, mother of 3

Ayu is a wonderful intuitive individual who knows how to ask the right questions. She listens attentively and always asks me questions - it purposefully makes me realize that the answers are indeed within me! I just needed to engage in conversations that meaningfully brought out the answers right from my own lips! The best part is her foundational beliefs resonate deeply with mine, and that has clearly been meaningful in our discussions that guide me right, bringing the much-needed clarity beautifully. Thank you Ayu. May Allah reward you with khair.

Striving Soul

“A very dedicated coach who constantly feeds us with many tools of tips and advice for us in parenting our kids.

Hani Libran , mother of 14 year old boy

For years I was not able to talk about my true feelings but Coach Ayu’s  understanding of the issues I faced made me open up. It’s also due to her own personal experience that she knows what I feel before I say it. She assures the confidentiality and instilled my trust in her. She listens and give solutions as well as how to deal with my child realistically. I am thankful to have met her and looking forward to the next sessions

Rez 1234

“BUILD THE RELATIONSHIP, BE PATIENT. It’s never too late to reconnect with your child even if you think you’ve lost them somewhere along the way.”

We firmly believe that building and nurturing a strong, loving relationship with your child is an ongoing journey, one that requires patience, understanding, and dedication. It’s natural for parents to face challenges, especially during the tumultuous teenage years, when communication can become strained and misunderstandings abound.

Start Nurturing Healthy Relationships Today!

Coach Ayu understands the vital importance of nurturing healthy relationships within families. Our expert parenting coach, Ayu Asi, She is here to guide you every step of the way.

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